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Waste handling activities

EAGLE ltd realizes waste handling works from 2009. Based on the experience in that sphere, EAGLE ltd provides vide range of professional services and works in waste handling:

  • Collection, transportation, neutralization and disposal of IV-V hazardous class waste
  • Collection, transportation and disposal of I – III hazardous class waste.
  • Transportation of I-V hazardous class waste to the RF main land part and further transportation for disposal and neutralization in special facilities.
  • Neutralization of drilling and oil contaminated III-IV hazardous class waste.

For realization of activities in waste handling, EAGE Ltd. has qualified stuff personnel and specialized, registered in SRWDS (state register of waste disposal sites) sites: 

The general waste handling scheme is below:


Collection of solid municipal waste is realized by several ways:


Multicomponent – organization of waste collection is realized in containers up to 1,2 m3, eliminating possibility of getting rain water in it, spreading of it by wind or by animals over adjusting sites.


Partially-separate collection – organization of waste collection in special tanks. This waste does not include organical fractions.


Integrated separate collection – organization of waste collection in special containers according to classes and types of hazards.




Is realized on special transport by the Company as well as by contractors approved by Clients.


EAGLE Ltd provides services in waste transportationinside the region, as well as to the mainland part of Russian Federation with the aim of final disposal, neutralization and utilization.

Transportation to the mainland is realized by separately charted ship, as well as by containers through ferry.


In accordance with Company policy in safety and in accordance with Russian Federation environmental regulation hazardous waste transportation is realized on the following terms:

  • Presence of special signs on machinery;
  • Presence of hazardous waste certificate;
  • Observation of hazardous waste transportation requirements on transport means;
  • Presence of documentation for transportation and handing over of hazardous waste with specification of quantity of transported hazardous waste, aim and destination point of its transportation.
  • During transportation it is not allowed to have third person but transport driver and the Company escorting personnel.
  • In EAGLE Ltd is not allowed to transport cargoes that are not in documentation by transport means as well as third persons, does not connected with transportation of the cargoes.


Waste segregation  is waste separation, preliminary solid waste processing in which wastes are sorted in accordance with their properties to ease its further processing.


1  -  Allows to separate it from the final waste and recyclable material which contains not less than 35-50 % of total waste volume.

2 – Allows to reduce total volume of waste disposal at SDW landfill and sent to insineration.



Waste processing includes the following activities:

Compacting and fragmenting - is one of the main methods of waste volume reduction with the aim of more efficient use of disposal places and store of recyclable materials.

Allows to reduce total volume of waste in 3-5 times in comparison with initial volume, to use SDW landfills areas more efficient and in energynomic way.

Preliminary waste processing is realized with the aim of further disposal, including restoration of useful properties or extraction of useful components.



Waste neutralization -   is one of the main modern method of waste disposal and neutralization

Allows to reduce total volume of waste in 20-25 times in comparison with initial volume, to use SDW landfills areas more efficient and in energynomic way as well as to reduce hazardous class – i.e. to reduce negative impact on environment.


EAGLE ltd. realizes waste neutralization in several ways:

  • Neutralization of municipal waste and waste similar to it;
  • Neutralization of different base drilling waste (including oil contaminated);
  • Neutralization of oil contaminated waste;
  • Neutralization of medical and biological waste


More over EAGLE ltd can provide the following services upon client’s request: 

  • Incineration (burning) of biological (phytogenic as well as zoogenic origin) materials, chemical substances (drugs, medicine, oil containing etc.) as well as goods and products which got lost their consumer attributes;
  • recycling and recovery of ground contaminated with oil, oily sludge, muds and hard flammable oily wastes generated at oil and oil products spill response (at UZG-1M unit)

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