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EAGLE ltd. provides services on development and document maintenance until approval for the following documentation:

1. Hazardous waste passport development– for 1-4 hazardous class waste generated in company business activity.

The following cervices are rendered:

Waste inventory at the company and definition of hazardous waste list that are require passport;

Definition of research method applicable for present waste passportization;

Taking samples in accordance with set rules and procedures;

Research in certified laboratories;

Specification of hazardous class in accordance with catalogue or by calculations;

Maintenance of approval in Sakhalin Region Rosprirodnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage).


2. Development of Waste Generation and Disposal Targets (WGDT)

The following cervices are rendered:

Waste inventory (al waste generation sources and waste accumulation areas are defined);

Definition of product and material list used in production;

Waste assessment in accordance with procedures and calculations (definition of its quantity, containment, chenmical and physical features. Realization of Certified lab researches if it is required);

Realization of WGDT calculations, waste volume validation, calculation of waste collection periods from a company production area;

Assessment of negative impact caused by waste and planning of actions for this impact reduction;

Validation of list and quantity of waste for neutralization, reclamation or recycling;

Support of WGDLB at coordination with Sakhalin Region Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage in accordance with regulation;

WGDLB development terms by our specialists are from 2 weeks up to 3 months depending on WGDLB complexity and scope.


3. Onshore/offshore oil and oil product spill response plan of any type development.

The following cervices are rendered:

Preparation and facility features;

Definition of emergency prevention measures;

Forecasting of emergency scale and consequences with definition of typical scenarios of emergency development;

Definition of capabilities and means and actions sufficiency for emergency response;

Development of operational part: Emergency initial actions; Emergency operational plan;

Development of emergency response procedure;

Support of OSR plan during its expertize in licensed expert company for correspondence to statutory and regulatory requirements in civil and territory protection in emergency situations;

Correction of OSR Plan (if required).


4. Emergency plan development.

The following cervices are rendered:

Preparation of front page;

Development of operational part with facility features as well as with deion of protective measures;

Preparation of explanatory and calculation report with facility emergency analysis;

Realization of industrial safety expertize of emergency containment and response;

Approval of emergency plan in competent state bodies.


5. Development of Hazardous facility safety certificate.

The following cervices are rendered:

Definition of risk level assessment for the nearest territory citizens as wells as for the personnel of the facility in case of emergency;


Of short thesis scenario of the most probable emergency development;


Of emergency data collected at the facility for the definite period;

Data collected on injuries at the facility for the definite period;

Short deion of emergency prevention actions and emergency consequences response;

Graphic plan with specification of affected zone in case of the most possible and the most hazardous emergency development;

Calculation of risk level in numbers;

Approval of the passport in Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia on territorial structure.

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