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Eagle limited liability company was found in 2008 for rendering of informational, consultation, analytical and other services including consultations in planning of prevention and emergence response, development of spill response plans for oil and other products hazardous for environment and people as well as quality control of mentioned above plans and based on them actions, realization of environmental monitoring of Sakhalin region territory

Mission – keeping of natural balance, plethora and variety of our region and with observation of State, Society and Clients interest as well as decrease of negative impact of environment and people’s health caused by human activity деятельностью человека

Company goals

“If there’s no goal, you can’t do anything great if the target is negligible”
(Denis Diderot)

That is why we have formed goals of our Company which are expression of main values and our vision of a future. Going further into the future we will hold on these goals. They are always in our minds, in all our business and endeavours. And that is influence us all, starting from management personnel and finishing by specialist working at our facilities. The only one way to succeed in our goals is hard, meticulous, continual day by day work over set goals and self improvement.

Efficiency for safe future.  The Company common goal is business efficiency. Every employee of our Company inputs his personal efforts in generation of which helps to finance our further growth and our technological changes and new innovation technology implementation. We are looking for constant improvement of our technological processes. The best way to prove it is the achievement results in our projects.

Client first. Attention, benevolence, provision of trouble free and optimal work of the highest level, reduction of their risks and efficiency improvement – these are the key moments we are looking for in cooperation with our Client (взаимодействие (ИСПРАВИТЬ НА ВЗАИМОДЕЙСТВИИ) с нашим клиентом). We are realizing our activities so the Client always knows that they can rely on us in all their endeavours.

Environmental safety. We understand our responsibility for environment and follow this goal in our activities, we are looking for use only ecologically friendly, energy independent and safe for environment technologies and equipment capable to preserve and multiply wealth of our Motherland. 

Implementation of new technologies. We are looking for implementation of more ecologically friendly, efficient and productive technologies our activities. We are going forward and looking for all new that can help us to fulfill our Clients requirements at the high level.

Taking care about personnel.  We are looking for taking care about our personnel and that is why we create optimal and safe conditions for efficient work of personnel. We create terms for their carrier as well as we stimulate their professional and personal growth.

Our customers